Adults- Individual Counseling

Often times, life throws us curve balls that catch us off guard.  We get blindsided and struggle to find the tools, energy and motivation to pick ourselves back up.  Let’s be honest, we’ve all been here at one time or another.  Being alone in a struggle can often feel overwhelming.  Counseling provides an opportunity to explore emotional disturbance at its core.  We will take a peek into what is currently happening in your life that might be causing or maintaining unwanted feelings and/or behaviors and address these struggles together.

At Premier Counseling and Wellness, we offer individual counseling sessions for adults.  Whether you are looking to gain emotional support for a current “hiccup” in your life, receive educational guidance on a specific topic or develop tools to alleviate unwanted behaviors, we are here to help.  ​

Our Approach

When working with individuals, we feel that the therapeutic relationship is of utmost importance.  We offer a safe, trusting and open environment conducive for emotional growth to occur while pulling from various theoretical backgrounds including interpersonal counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy and psychoanalytic counseling.  We also use a strength based approach during counseling sessions which allows optimal growth to occur while assisting individuals to develop their full potential. 


Individuals seek counseling for the following reasons: