Couple’s Counseling

First of all, you are not alone.  When two people coexist with one another, there are bound to be hurdles to overcome.  If you are seeking couples counseling, you are probably feeling stuck, helpless and often fearful of what the future holds for the relationship.  When couples enter our office, they often feel like they have tried everything and are still left feeling distressed with one another and with the relationship. 

​We have great compassion for couples when they enter my office in this space.  We feel that it is a privilege to walk alongside couples in an effort to assist them to recognize and to better manage, or reconcile, the bothersome differences and repeating patterns of stress upon their relationship.  When couples enter our office, they walk into an environment that is relaxed and interactive.  Together, we will explore and work to overcome core differences. We look forward to walking alongside each new couple on this journey.

Our Approach

Our approach to working with couples is influenced by the work of Stan Tatkin’s PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy) model, which stresses neuroscience, attachment theory and the biology of human arousal to help couples deeper understand one another.  We will educate couples on how the human brain acts and reacts within relationships and will encourage couples to explore how their early relationships and experiences impact their current relationship.  We will also challenge couples to tune into their personal moment-to-moment ability to manage their own alertness and readiness to engage.  When working alongside couples, we also utilize the Gottman approach, which emphasizes having a sound relationship as well as Esther Perel’s model of counseling couples, which focuses on attachment.  If you are feeling stuck, out-of-sync or disconnected, we are here to help.


Couples seek counseling for the following reasons: