Eating Disorders

Our team has qualified experts trained in the field of eating disorders.  Eating disorders are complex illnesses that can be life-threatening.  They are often misunderstood and misconstrued due to the heightened attention that they receive from the media.  Eating disorders develop for a number of reasons and it is often impossible to pinpoint the exact “trigger” for the onset of the disorder.  If you enter my office due to an eating disorder, you are most likely feeling out-of-control, lonely and ashamed.  Your loved ones have most likely tried everything yet still struggle to navigate recovery from this illness.

Our Approach

Recovery from an eating disorder is possible.  It often requires careful planning and a team approach.  When working with individuals in this population, we often work alongside a treatment team that may consist of a dietitian, medical doctor and/or a psychiatrist.  If working with a child or an adolescent with an eating disorder, we will incorporate the Maudsley model into treatment, which emphasizes the importance of the family as an active agent for change.  Due to the complexity of eating disorders, recovery does not happen at once, but takes place over years of mindful application of the skills and lessons learned throughout the treatment process.  As your counselor, we will help you develop tools and coping mechanisms to overcome eating disordered urges while working alongside your treatment team.  Your counselor will also act as an educator in order to help each person involved in the recovery process best understand the complexities of this disorder.  At Premier Counseling and Wellness, we offer a safe and nonjudgmental atmosphere where we will work together to find healing and peace from this disorder. 


Individuals seek counseling with for the following reasons: